Consumer Mathematics is a course set up very closely to personal finance. In this course we will discuss a wide range of applicable topics. We will study calculator/formula use, mortgages, loans, checking accounts, credit/debit cards, investments, budgets, job opportunities, etc.
Integrated Mathematics will serve as an extensive breakdown of the states main 23 mathematics standards. Testing in the course will be to mastery, so you must score a 70% or higher on all assessments to pass the class. To do this, you may have to come in and retake tests multiple times.
Algebra B will start as a review of first half of Algebra I. Once completed with the first half of Algebra I, we will cover new topics that would typically be taught in the spring semester of Algebra I.

Geometry is the study of points in two dimensions (plane) and in three dimensions (solid).  These sets of points along with knowledge of deductive reasoning will lead to the discovery of the basic geometric figures--the line, the plane and the solid.